With the new DOOM release, id Software wants the First Person Shooter genre to return to the roots that enshrined this saga in the 90s, when it was best known for the expression "Doom type game". The frantic action returns, a multitude of demonic enemies and convoluted maps. It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.



One of the main differences with the current shooters is that it maintains the essence that popularized the Doom saga and later the Quake saga. What prevails in the confrontations is speed, being rewarded by close combat. In this game you can not face the combats from a distance and hoping that when they hurt the protagonist, he will recover his life, as in Call of Duty, but the melee will be the way to fill the life bar. Even when the ammunition begins to be scarce, the way to recover it is with the chainsaw, that will make that when finishing with an enemy, this one looks like a piñata of loaders for the different weapons. Another point to note is that you do not have to reload weapons, all bullets are available as soon as they are collected.


To take into account: thanks to the rapidity of movement of the protagonist, we can travel the extensive maps in a short time, or return to the action in a short time in the different multiplayer modes.


The graphical section supports the great speed of the game, maintaining at all times a rate of 60 frames per second.



The campaign mode places the player on Mars, where energy is being collected from Hell, until an incident occurs and demons invade the red planet, at which point the protagonist awakens and will have to avoid the demonic invasion through the different levels, with pretty labyrinthine maps and full of secrets. In each of the levels, as the story unfolds, the player will be presented with a series of challenges that provide weapon improvements, as well as collecting armor improvements and performing the runic tests. This mode will have different levels of difficulty, the most complicated mode being the Ultra-Nightmare, in which each death will mean starting the campaign again.


To take into account: explore the labyrinth maps will reward the player with upgrades for weapons, unlocking secondary attacks, and the suit, improving their skills, apart from collecting collectibles in the form of dolls and unlocking the maps of the classic games, being these secrets the ones that will cost more to obtain.


Runic tests, in which a goal is presented to complete in a very limited time, will be a challenge for the player.



Like the campaign, the multiplayer mode is characterized by fast action and few moments of pause. It has six game modes, like 'War Path' in which you have to capture a zone in motion or the classic death match by teams and domination. As for the customization of the character, the game allows you to select some sets of weapons that can be used in the game, as well as the visual appearance of the armor with which it will appear. One of the novelties of the multiplayer is the possibility that a player becomes a demon by picking up an enhancer that appears at a point on the stage.


To take into account: Through the Snapmap option, players can create their own maps and access those made by other players, for multiplayer cooperative, competitive or single player games.


Online games are usually very even and until the last moment can not be sure which will be the winning team.


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