The new installment of the Just Cause series, available for PC, PS4 and XBOX One, puts us back in the shoes of Rico Rodríguez with the aim of freeing the fictional archipelago of Medici, located in Mediterranean waters, from the hands of the evil dictator Di Ravello and his army.



The great novelty of Just Cause 3 compared to its predecessors in terms of control of Rico is the new flight suit. This suit allows to plan at great speed whenever the player is in an elevated position. This novelty joins the parachute and the hook, which return to make an appearance. Apart from these three devices, you can use all the vehicles that populate the archipelago, from motorcycles and cars to boats, helicopters and airplanes. In addition to the vehicles, Rico will have an extensive armament to eliminate the army of Di Ravello and blow up all its fortifications.


To take into account: From the beginning of the game we will be able to make use of almost all the available options, being blocked some arms or some improvements, as it can be the turbo in the vehicles. The new flight suit is available after the second history mission.


The combined use of the hook, parachute and flight suit is one of the most recommended options to move between the different points of the map, both to cover long distances, and to ascend to mountains and large buildings.



The main story of the game has 25 main missions. In some cases, such missions require that we have released a number of regions to be available, blocking the main story until the requirement is met. In each zone or province, there is a series of settlements that can be cities or military complexes. In the cities you have to eliminate elements of propaganda, such as posters, statues or posts with loudspeakers, and destroy the commissars or barracks to later raise the flag of the resistance. In military complexes all present resources must be destroyed, from fuel tanks or transformers, to radars and radio antennas. In total there are 130 locations in 29 provinces. The game only has the single player mode, limiting the online options to score markers of the different actions that can be carried out. In addition to the history missions, as in most open-world games, there are side events in which to help Medici inhabitants, collectibles to look for or challenges to complete.


To take into account: The game has a fairly simple story and not too extensive that serves as a perfect excuse to generate crazy sequences of action.


The history missions follow the ironic tone of the saga, totally dubbed into Castilian, like the rest of the game.


Challenges and collectibles

Apart from the main story, each time a location is released, a series of challenges will be available. There are several types: land races, aquatic or aerial, events in which you have to generate the largest number of explosions, tests with the flight suit, and so on. In these challenges a series of pieces will be assigned depending on the final score, which has online rankings, to be able to compare with friends and other players. In addition to the challenges, there are some collectibles distributed throughout the provinces, which we can find thanks to a locator, which warns us when we are near, or to an identifier on the map when we have released the province. These collectibles add vehicles or weapons to the Resistance tank, which we can request at any time and point on the map.


To take into account: When getting pieces in the different challenges, they will unlock improvement for Rico. Each type of challenge assigns its pieces to a specific improvement branch. For example, on-road racing can improve cars with turbo or a small jump, the flight suit tests serve to improve the control of the suit itself, or destruction events improve the grenades.


The challenges unlock improvements for Rico, but to get the maximum score in enough of them it is necessary to have some of those improvements unlocked, so you have to play them several times.


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