Although with some delay with respect to other countries, the new delivery of Lego has arrived to all the consoles (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, 360 and Wii U) and is loaded with new features regarding previous deliveries.


Toys to life

The great novelty of LEGO Dimensions is that it includes the LEGO Toy Pad, a platform where figures will be placed that will later come to life within the game, similar to that seen in Disney Infinity or Skylanders. This platform, in addition to serving to identify the figures that are put in her, is a fundamental piece in the resolution of some puzzles of the game and in the confrontations against the bosses, when having 3 zones, allowing to place a figure in the upper zone and three figures in each of the two lower zones.


To take into account: The Starter pack, apart from including the game and the LEGO Toy Pad, includes the figures of Batman, Gandalf and Supercool (the protagonists of the story) and the batmobile. The figures and the platform will have to be built, since they do not stop being created with LEGO pieces.


In this installment, all the LEGO universes are mixed, so it does not focus on a film, such as LEGO Star Wars The awakening of force.


Content and its expansions

With the base game and the figures it includes, the game consists of 14 history missions, and open worlds based on the Starter pack figures, scenarios that can be freely explored and carried out secondary missions. The story, like the previous installments, is characterized by its characteristic humor. The open worlds included are those of LEGO Film, the middle land of Lord of the Rings and the world of DC Comics. Apart from the Starter Pack, packs are available that include new figures that will unlock missions and open worlds within the game. These additional packs will unlock new worlds, such as Back to the Future, the Simpsons, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters or Portal.


To take into account: To extend the game, Level Pack, Team Pack and Fun Pack are available. The first ones include a figure, a vehicle and a gadget and a level of the game. The Team Pack includes two figures and a vehicle or gadget for each figure. Finally, the Fun Pack includes a figure and a vehicle or gadget.


You can fully enjoy the story without the additional packs, but these will add hours of in-game entertainment.


Development and story

This new installment continues telling a story from the typical humor that characterizes the saga. In this case, the player will visit the different LEGO universes that are being attacked by Lord Vortech, traveling among them through a portal, which is the representation within the LEGO Toy Pad game. In this game, unlike in all previous ones, characters will not be unlocked when advancing in the story; The only way to obtain them will be through the different packs that are available. What still appears is the multitude of collectibles that have the LEGO games, such as golden blocks.


To take into account: Like other deliveries, all content can be enjoyed either alone or with another player on the same console. And following the same line as the other games, this does not have an online multiplayer either.


The first task within the game is the construction of the LEGO Toy Pad, whose assembly instructions will be displayed on the screen, since they are not included in paper.


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