This new title, exclusive for PC, is the latest installment of the Total War strategy saga and adapts it to the heroic fantasy world of the WARHAMMER miniatures game.


Great news

Total War, developed by The Creative Assembly and distributed by Sega, already has many games published, all so far based on historical facts that allow to play in the time of the Roman Empire and the old age with the invasions of the Huns, in the Middle Ages and in feudal Japan, in the time of Napoleon or in the eighteenth century during the Industrial Revolution and the struggle for independence in America. This time he departs from real issues to introduce the fight in a fictional world populated by humans, orcs and other fantastic species.


To take into account: The game allows you to choose between four different factions: Empire (humans), Green Skins (orcs and goblins), Dwarves and Vampire Counts. Unlike in the previous titles, in which the majority of factions, in spite of their small changes, were all quite similar among them, here the differences are very large, they change much more between them and they make the player have to use different strategies depending on which you have chosen.


There is a fifth group available, the Chaos Warriors, which will make things very difficult for the rest of the factions. The playable version of Chaos was delivered free of charge to those who booked the game or bought it during the first week. The rest must acquire it independently if they want to play with it. Otherwise, it will only appear as a rival controlled by the computer. In addition to this, more races will be released in the future.


Game modes

The main game mode is the campaign, which can be played both individually and in a network with other people. After choosing the faction with which to play and a small introductory fight to teach the playable fundamentals, the map on which the game is played is presented. There are two distinct parts. On the one hand, there are the battles between armies. A general and his troops are handled on the battlefield. Here you can stop the action to give the orders to the different battalions or speed up so that everything goes faster.


To take into account: The other part, in turn and with which the player will spend more time, is the control of the provinces and the movement of the armies. With a 3D map view, you can manage the population, taxes and creation of buildings in controlled cities, move armies from one area to another, reach agreements with rival factions and enter into combat with other armies or besiege cities to conquer them.


When entering combat, the option to play that battle or simulate it is given. Thus, those who prefer to play only the management part can avoid the other. In any case, it is advisable to play them in case the fight is equal or at a disadvantage, since the victory options increase in this way.


Other details

You can also play independently a series of pre-configured adventure battles or others made to suit the player. Like the campaign, you can play battles online against other people.


To take into account: It is advisable to check the minimum requirements of the game, which can be found on the back of the box or on the official game wiki, to make sure that the computer can execute it correctly. A code to activate the game on Steam is included in the box. It is necessary to create (free of charge) an account in this service.


Whoever prefers a historical game instead of a fantasy one, can opt for the previous title, Total War: ATTILA.


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