A mobile devices game which have several fun trials located in some of the more emblematic places of the city of Salamanca. Delivering tapas in the Main Square, searching the treasure hidden in the House of Shells, picking up the food the blind man throws to Lazarillo de Tormes or searching the frog in the University facade, it will test the player's skills and, at the same time, offering interesting cultural content of the location and environment of each one of the games.
Always carry your dice thanks to this application for mobile and tablets. Configure the different boards with the number and type of dice you need of 8 availables. Shake the device to roll dice and luck with the result!
The Monskey world is under invasion. You can help your Monskey cleaning the invaders from the different Monskey areas. Defeat the final boss to save the planet!!! Improve your world ranking by mastering your Monskey and competing against your friends.

Physical Monskeys are available in flow-packs, to play with additional characters you need to scan the Monskey card available in the flow-pack to give them life in the game. Each figure evolves during the game and obtains their own power ups. There are 24 different figures, the premium ones have unique power-ups.

Your achievements are stored in the Monskey, you can recover them in a different mobile just scanning the Monskey.
In a research of some archeological remains, an ancient interstellar door has been activated and it's allowing the arrival of earthing invaders to the planet. You will have to search, through 16 different levels and through several possible paths, the pieces needed to create the definitive weapon that will achieve the destruction of the planet enemies.
Coming soon in major mobile systems.
HiHOLA! is a innovative and revolutionary tool in the teaching of spanish. Thanks to the three dimensional virtual world where it takes place, the teachers can arrange existing practices to be resolved by the students in a collaborative way in a world where they can roam free and interact with other students.
A newly proposal that brings closer the new technologies to the four main disciplines in the teaching of Spanish. Through four types of exercises, the user could improve, interacting with his mobile device, his knowledge of Spanish vocabulary, written comprehension, grammar and oral comprehension.