After nearly five years dedicated to the developing of videogames in other companies with several published titles, the members of Caetra Studios brings all of its knowledge to offer the best game experience possible to the players, creating the game mechanics that adapt better to each case.
They have participated in projects for desktops systems and for mobile devices, for both single player and multiplayer online game.
The game techniques at the service of publicity. It allows to reach clients in a interactive and social way. Caetra Studios can design the best way of promote an advertising campaign using the gamification techniques.
Since the creation of playable banners to the creation of games which advertised a specific product or allow to experience the feeling of using that product.
Mobile devices App
With nearly fifteen year of experience in the develop of informatic applications, the members of Caetra Studios can offer this extensive knowledge to the development of mobile devices oriented product for the two more extended operative systems, adapting to their specific characteristics and peculiarities.
It has developed projects for several companies and national institutions. This projects included notifications, networking, geoplacing, augmented reality, etc.