The latest installment in the Uncharted saga, developed by Naughty Dog, tells the story of the adventurer and thief Nathan Drake. It has just come out, but it has already been placed on its own merits as the most important game of the year and, for many, also of the current generation of consoles.


Technical and plot section

The first thing that attracts attention is visual appearance. This is not only due to the graphic engine, with really good technical details that did not seem possible in this console, but above all for the artistic direction. In this sense, the game does not have moments in which cojee, surprise from start to finish and what is more important, it does so much in the spectacular scenes of action as in the small details. It is possible to stop the action at any time to enter the photo mode and be able to observe the surroundings calmly. It is worth doing.


To take into account: To this outstanding technical and artistic section a very worked history is added. The player takes on the role of Nathan Drake, a character that will remind Indiana Jones and other treasure hunters. Throughout different stages of his life, his search for the hidden booty of the pirate Henry Avery is narrated. The story has a long duration and once finished, invites to play it again several times to discover all its secrets.


The playable and narrative parts are perfectly integrated, there are no jumps between them nor load times, the whole game is continuous, except when the adventure changes place or time, in which there is a brief transition. The dubbing, the Spanish, English and other languages, at the player's choice, is also very good.



The game tries to tell a story and sometimes it seems more like a movie, or at least it gives those feelings in the first bars of the adventure, but little by little the playable part is gaining more weight. The system of platforms and navigation by the environment has improved with respect to the previous deliveries and the great novelty, a hook with rope that serves to hang and swing gives a lot of life to this part. The combat scenes are also bigger and can be dealt with using stealth or direct action.


To take into account: The scenarios are now less linear and much larger, there is more freedom to face the different parts of the game. There are also huge areas with vehicles that will delight those who want to explore a little more.


To complete the game there is a simple online multiplayer mode, with several game modes and a multitude of costumes, weapons and other items to unlock. You can handle the protagonists and enemies of the game and the previous titles of the saga.


Complements and alternatives

The story of Uncharted 4 is perfectly understood without having tested the previous titles, but contains many references to such games, which are available independently on PS3 or in a joint edition for PS4 called Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection. If you have the chance, it is preferable to play them before, although not essential. Whoever wants more and has a PS Vita can also buy Uncharted: El Abismo de Oro, with another adventure.


To take into account: There is a puzzle game for Android and iOS phones called Uncharted: Forture Hunter in which you can get exclusive rewards (costumes and modifiers) for the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 4. It is completely optional, but it is also free and quite entertaining, it is always a help for the first hours of this game mode.


The main alternative for users of Xbox One and PC to Uncharted 4 is the recent Rise of the Tomb Raider, which will also be released for PS4 later this year.



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