The way to make your idea come true.

You have an idea that must come true, so you need the best professionals to develop it with guarantees and security. We put at your disposal a great team willing to make the maximum effort for you.

We will guide and support you in all the steps for its realization.

How is the project estimated?

It is not the same to make a website, a mobile application or a game, so the cost will not be the same either. From the first moment you want to know how much effort is needed to develop your idea.

By means of four simple questions we apply tables of costs obtained thanks to the multitude of developments already carried out. The result is an approximation but it will be the basis to start talking.

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Why register the project?

At Caetra we are used to analyzing a multitude of development projects in different areas, so filling in the small registration questionnaire will allow us to:

  • Select the most suitable expert for you and your idea.
  • Collect the most useful information related to your project.

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What advice will you receive?

The main thing is that the development of the project is adjusted to your needs, so from the beginning we will establish a plan of actions in which to create the most important functions.

We will inform you and give you advice on technological innovations, current trends and movements in the sector that will allow you to make the best decisions.

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What will be the phases of product development?

In changing environments such as mobile applications and websites, the reaction time to changes is very important, so we propose an agile development methodology.

This way of working is based on small periods of development where the most important improvements are made, resulting in an improved new product at the end of each phase while defining possible new functionalities.

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