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In Caetra we want to help you to make your idea come true but we need some information to give you the best advice. This registration information is comprised of four main groups:


Our methodology is organized in three main phases in which three specific objectives are sought:

  • Define the project through the requirements.
  • Create the product through iterations.
  • Validate development through deliveries.

In this way we ensure that the result is what the client needs to achieve its objectives.


It is necessary to know where you want to go to chart an optimal path and that is achieved by clearly defining the requirements and their priority.

But this list of requirements does not have to be fixed, because the market is alive and the project must be also, there being moments in the development where to redirect the address.


The project is carried out by adding different elements to it in a repetitive way so that progressively a more complete and better quality product is obtained.

In each iteration it is sought to add one or more of the requirements in the order of priority at each moment for its validation and that of the entire resulting set.

It is interesting to continue making these improvements of the product once delivered so that it is at all times updated to the trends that arise.


At the end of each iteration there is a preliminary version of the product that can be tested and validated by the user so that he can modify the requirements to be met in the next phase of development.

Once the objective of the project is reached, all the material generated exclusively for you will be provided.

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