A new installment of the Fire Emblem saga arrives in our country, but this time divided into three different games with which to enjoy the adventure that is presented to us from three different points of view.



The main novelty of this release for the Nintendo 3DS lies in having divided into two different games and an "expansion" that from the first 6 common chapters of history are bifurcated in the three available parts. As for the rest, they highlight on the other hand some new special boxes called "Veins of the Dragon" that activate special events in the battles, in addition to the inclusion of "My Castle", a place to go between missions where to build, resupply, restructure our army and visit or challenge other players. For the rest, the combat scenes are more elaborate, there is more variety of scenarios and the intelligence of the enemies has improved.


To take into account: The possibility of combining units in the fighting continues to exist, but the excessive advantages they gave have been limited. Now weapons are those that enhance attributes depending on their type.


The game presents the same story, written by the same people, so it maintains its plot consistency, but presented from three complementary points of view, maintains the essence of the franchise but incorporating improvements at a technical, artistic and playable level.



The first of the games is Estirpe that develops the story from the support of the house Hoshido, our biological family, being a title adapted to those who come for the first time to the franchise, more simple, colorful and innocent, with an aesthetic pretty oriental. Faced with this is Conquista which means supporting the house Nohr, with whom our character has been raised, that being a medieval kingdom offers greater difficulty, a darker story and a very careful and complete campaign. This title is aimed at the unconditional of the saga.


To take into account: Both games are sold separately, as well as the subsequent expansion, unless the Special Edition is obtained, which contains the three parts together. That is why you have to make the decision of which of the two acquire if you are only going to invest in one of them. For the unconditional say that there is also a special edition of the console.


The two main proposals of this release are made to attract on the one hand the new players with an accessible experience while on the other offers the usual fans a darker experience and according to their expectations.




Talk about Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation as an extension is to be short because it is a game at the height of the other two. This is the final test aimed at taking full advantage of the combined forces of both families, being able to mix units in battles, build buildings in Mi Castillo or relate characters from both sides.


To take into account: Although once we are ready to start this story line we are already advised not to continue if the other two stories have not been played, it is important not to take it lightly because many things will be explained that will not be understood if the previous history is not known, serving as a plot closure.


As its name already advances, this title serves to close the delivery, revealing all the secrets with a very intense rhythm, with new characters and without just initial friends, being a completely different approach to the previous ones, corroborating throughout the adventure when they are joining characters of the two existing factions.


Article originally published in www.carrefour.es