As every year, the basketball franchise has released its new version for virtually all existing consoles that includes changes in all sections that together with everything advanced over the years makes it an excellent product for lovers of sports simulators.



Although it is a continuation version of the previous NBA 2K16, it is necessary to highlight the changes in the game system with improvements in various offensive and defensive mechanics, as well as a new shooting system. More animations have been added, both from the presentation and from the players themselves, which together with a greater realism in the contact game and more accomplished physicists make us live a more real experience and feel the matches as if they were a television broadcast.


To take into account: The change in the system of robberies makes it too effective in certain circumstances which hurts realism, although now it is penalized more abusive attempts of plugs that will prevent unrealistic behavior.


The game incorporates all the changes of the market of signings that have taken place, reason why we will be able to see Pau Gasol to dress the t-shirt of the Spurs. In addition, more European teams have been added, apart from the current selections from the United States, Australia and the legendary Dream Team of the Barcelona'92 Olympics.



The number of game modes can be intimidating: friendly matches, Play Offs, Pro-Am, MiParque, the famous My Team or MiCarrera. The latter is once again the most interesting because through an interactive story, it takes us from the beginnings of a university player to a star. In this installment they have opted for a less dramatic story than that directed by Spike Lee previously, developing it through animated throughout the first season in the NBA.


To take into account: The other important mode is the My Team, the equivalent of the FIFA Ultimate Team. It is about opening envelopes of players, contracts, power-ups, etc. to be able to form our team with which to win challenges and competitions to obtain points with which to keep improving.


The game offers game forms for all types of players: the one who plays alone, the one who manages a franchise, the one who plays with friends, the one who wants to ride the best team with cards, etc.



In this NBA 2K17 the main modes are articulated around the virtual currency of the game. With it you can improve players, buy cards, obtain power-ups, etc. It is true that there are many ways to obtain this currency through normal gambling, but if you want to advance much faster there is the possibility of buying certain amounts of money through real money. this currency, which will allow it to evolve and improve more quickly.


To take into account: The progress of the game between those who pay for money and those who obtain it by simply playing is not fully balanced, which makes it somewhat slow and tedious at first, sometimes even boring.


Although not a novelty, micropayments have come to stay in the franchise, allowing more impatient players to improve their players and teams more quickly.


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