December was the month chosen by Ubisoft to release Rainbow Six Siege, the new release of the famous Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series. It has game modes for one player, multiplayer 5 against 5 and cooperative.


Rainbow Six Siege focuses mostly on multiplayer. The player controls an agent of the special operations of different countries and fighting side by side with other policemen of the best special bodies in the world. Unlike other FPS (first person shooter games) such as Call of Duty or Counter Strike, in which the individual skill of the players is taken into account, in Siege it is more important to be patient, work as a team and think a good strategy to get the victory.


Game modes

In Siege there are 3 different game modes:


- Training scenarios: in this mode you can play each and every one of the scenarios in three levels of difficulty: normal, difficult and realistic. In this way, the training scenarios allow to know more thoroughly the mechanics of the game, the destruction of the maps and the different agents.


- Multiplayer: the game has different modes of online CME games (Combat to Death in Team), depending on the situation that occurs: - Hostages: the attacking team must locate and rescue a hostage held hostage in a building, while the Defenders try to avoid it by barbed wire and barricades.


- Secure the area: the attackers have to find a room in which there is a biohazard container and secure the container, for this you have to stay in the area for 10 seconds.


- Bombs: those that launch the offensive must locate one or two bombs and activate a SEDAX (system specialized in deactivation of explosive devices) to dismantle them. They win if they manage to deactivate the bomb, or if they eliminate all the defenders. - Terrorist hunting: you can play alone or cooperatively with up to 4 companions. In this mode, the player faces the so-called White Masks, which are controlled by the AI ​​(artificial intelligence of the game).


To take into account: In the first hours of the game it is advisable to test the training and hunting modes of the terrorist. If you directly access the multiplayer mode, the most usual thing is not only to make a bad role, but also to harm the partners, so it is better to practice before in the other modes.


The number of game modes is not very broad, but Ubisoft has announced that throughout the year will be adding new content, some of them paid and others, like all maps that are included, free.



The handling of the character is quite basic, it is relatively easy to get control. The interaction with the environment is excellent, it is not difficult to rappel down the facade of a house or place a reinforcement on a wall. The title is focused on the tactical game and the rapport between teammates. Going alone is usually a bad tactic. As for the system of damage, if a shot is received in a vital part of the body the player will die instantly, but if it is in another part, another partner will be able to cure him. In multiplayer you have to keep in mind that there is friendly fire, so you have to think about when to throw a grenade or shoot the enemy.


To take into account: One of the most important elements of Rainbow Six Siege is the destruction of the environment. Not that it is simply a visual effect, but it really affects the gameplay since all the walls of the map can be destroyed.


Rainbow Six Siege has a gameplay and objectives during the game totally different from other shooters (shooting games) market, which is appreciated.



The most noteworthy of the sound section are the different sound effects for each of the available actions, ranging from the explosion of a C4 to the creaking of the ground when an enemy approaches. This creates a unique battle environment.


To take into account: the game gives the option of voice chat with the players of the game. Anyone can be silenced when the player wants it if he does not want to listen to him.


The game is completely translated into Spanish. The dubbing has a very good result and its actors are recognizable voices of various television series.


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