Be welcome to the first blog post of Caetra Studios. As a new, small and independent study that we are, we will try to make up for our shortcomings with great enthusiasm, dedication and dedication, because we want this to be a meeting point for all the friends of video games and development in general. In the next posts we will tell you how the hard beginnings are, the story behind us that has led us to the determination to create our own company of videogames and applications, as well as the "facilities" that we have found when putting Our dream in Spain is under way. As not only words live the game, we will also show you the progress we make in the various projects we have in hand and the ideas we have in mind, revealing what is going on in our offices. Nor will we be able to avoid commenting on the current situation in the world of videogames and the technology that surrounds them, as it is our passion and we hope that yours as well. You are warned !! So you know, accompany us in our journey on the path of creating independent video games and I hope you enjoy the characters and landscapes that we will find on the way.