Next June 10 begins the Eurocopa 2016 in France, which will measure the 24 classified teams for the tournament. PES2016, which has the rights to the competition, has been updated in its version of all the consoles to include it.



In this new version of the game you can play this European competition. For this, the official aspect of EURO 2016 has been given to all the menus of the competition and the groups that have come out by lottery in the competition have been respected. So, if you want to play with Spain, the player will have to participate in group D and face the Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia to advance to the next round. This is the most faithful way to recreate the tournament, but for there to be more variety and the possibility of repeating it without it becoming repetitive, groups can also be organized with other teams, manually or at random.


To take into account: This version was released in physical format exclusively for PS4 and PS3 and includes, in addition to the novelties, all the content of PES2016. Those who have the game in any of the platforms in which it is available will have already received this update for free. Users of Xbox One, 360 and PC can buy the normal version PES2016 and download the update afterwards.


Other novelties are a new stadium, the Stade de France in Paris, the inclusion of the official EURO ball and the improvement of the appearance of a large number of players, to make them look even more like real players.


PES 2016

This tournament alone, although entertaining, is not too long. Luckily, all the content of PES2016 is included in this edition, with teams and leagues from many countries and the selections from all over the world, not just the 24 of this year's Eurocup. There are a lot of different championships to enjoy, but where the game really shines is in its two star modes: "Be a Legend" and "Master League". In the first the player lives the career of a single player, real or created by himself. In the second, the most complete, one manages a team, with strategies, market transfers and participation in all competitions for which the club is classified. In this mode it is possible to simulate matches or play them.


To take into account: In its playable aspect, PES2016 has improved a lot compared to the versions of previous years. Everything is familiar to those who have several years with the saga, but both the control and physical game are a few steps above the previous titles.


As usual for many years in football games, the games are narrated by commentators in Spanish. In this case, the usual Carlos Martínez and Julio Maldonado "Maldini".



The other way in which players will spend much of the time is myClub. Here the team will be built with the players that are obtained at random and playing matches and competitions against the machine and, above all, online against other people. This edition of the game includes several extras for this modality that facilitate the start: 7 exclusive agents to sign high level players, 1 ambassador agent to sign one of the best players of UEFA 2016 and 10,000 points for 10 weeks to spend on it. what the player needs in this mode.


To take into account: If someone has doubts about the game before buying it, the best thing to do is try myClub, since it can be downloaded for free, to check some of the news.


This mode that can be played at no cost is the gateway to PES2016 and is only a small part of all the content offered by the Konami game.


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