The Yo-Kai universe comes to Spain with the premiere of the television series, toys, manga as well as the adaptation and distribution in our country of the first of the existing video games for the Nintendo portable console.


Everything starts when the young Nate finds a machine in the forest that introduces a coin to a sympathetic ghost that explains that the Yo-Kai like him are invisible beings and that for various reasons they cause problems for humans. Thanks to the Yo-Kai Watch that he gives him, a watch that allows him to see them, Nate will try to solve the mysteries that occur and solve the problems that arise.


To take into account:This is a global franchise that has been a success in Japan and the United States, which, in addition to the video game, is made up of the television series, dolls, toys and even manga. It is also planned that in later months also three other games of these naughty characters will arrive for the 3DS.


The Yo-Kai are the new sensation for children from 7 years old, this first game being the beginning of the phenomenon. With presence on television, dolls, games, watches and collectible coins it will be inevitable to notice them.




Organized in episodes, a main mission that develops the story is set out, but throughout the stage there are characters willing to take on tasks with which to obtain objects and improvements. Although the main thing is adventure, battles are a very important component. In them our team faces other Yo-Kai, being 6 that we can choose, although only 3 of them will fight at the same time, with movements that execute automatically but with the possibility for the player to indicate special actions, use objects or change active Yo-Kai. If the opponent is defeated, he can decide to be our friend to fight by our side.


To take into account: Although it is a title aimed at children for its theme, it is a sufficiently complete proposal to attract players of any age who want to enjoy the collection, evolution, improvement and fights of these naughty friends.


It is a game oriented to the exploration, capture and evolution of all types of different Yo-Kai and perform battles against other characters. Although it can remember the famous Pokemon, it is a more modern title, following the line of mobile games and with less strategic component.​



The city where the adventures of the Yo-Kai take place is Floridablanca. Divided into districts, it contains everything that a typically Japanese city can offer. Although initially we will move by it on foot, immediately we will be given a bicycle that will make the displacements faster. In addition to its streets there are many streets, buildings and tunnels that give variety to the scenarios. All presented in a very colorful way in the style of another famous franchise of the same developer as Inazuma Eleven.


To take into account: Although we are presented with the missions to get to know the existing districts, it is big enough to need to resort to the map to know how to reach a certain destination, something that is not quite simple. That is why it is advisable to pay attention to all the special places that are visited.


Floridablanca is the city where the Yo-Kai live, which has all kinds of areas such as shopping streets, the financial district, parks, mountains, rivers and of course, residential area. All presented in a very nice and friendly way.


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