TTGames has a long history of playing successful films within the LEGO world, from Star Wars to Jurassic World, and their latest game is LEGO Marvel Avengers, available for 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PSVita, Xbox360, XboxOne and WiiU. This time he brings us his interpretation of the latest Marvel films, with a large number of characters from this franchise available to the player. As in previous installments, it will be possible to play individually, although it is much more fun with a friend in local multiplayer.



Throughout the 15 missions that make up the story mode are represented the most important events of the films The Avengers and The Avengers: The Age of Ultron, also visiting some scenes of Iron Man 3 and Thor: The dark world and the two deliveries of Captain America. During these missions players will play the role of the protagonists of these films and must use the combination of their skills to overcome them, defeating the enemies and solving the puzzles to access different areas. Apart from these missions focused purely on history, there are areas of exploration, full of activities, where Manhattan stands out, being the largest and with more elements to discover. All these levels can be rejugados with different characters that the game proposes the first time they are completed.


To take into account: The story can be completed in about 8 hours, but discover all the secrets of the levels should be used much longer, extending the life of the game considerably.


As usual in LEGO games, they do not limit themselves to copying the films on which they are based, but rather share action and humor to give their particular vision of the events narrated in the films.



Following the marked in other installments of the saga, this game has a very simple control, based on a jump button, one attack, another to use the special ability of each character, and a last button to switch between the characters on the screen . As in previous games, one of the main features is the large number of characters that are available to the player. This time there are more than 180 heroes and villains of the Marvel universe, not counting changes of aspect, each one having its abilities (some skills are unique to one character, others are shared among several). For example, Iron Man can shoot with his suit and fly, while Captain America uses his shield to defend against shooting and to activate devices.


To take into account: Despite the large number of characters available, you can miss the members of X-Men, Spiderman or the 4 Fantastic, since not appear in the movies, do not make an appearance in the game.


Most of the characters and their different aspects are unlocked by completing the story and looking for them in the exploration areas.



Once the story mode is completed, both the missions and a free mode can be played again in those scenarios, where all the characters will be available to explore the entire level and collect the collectibles distributed by him. In each level there are 10 minikits that will get pages of comics; There is also a red brick, which allows you to unlock improvements. Stan Lee will need the player to rescue him, which will activate his different aspects. There are also distributed throughout the game 250 golden bricks, which can be both on stage and be obtained by passing a score in each level.


To take into account: The first time that each level is played it will be impossible to obtain all the collectibles of that level, since some areas are blocked for the characters with which the main story is completed.


To get all the collectibles we must go through all the nooks and crannies of each level and have the necessary characters available, so it is better to dedicate yourself to this task after completing the story mode.


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