The new FIFA delivery, the Electronic Arts soccer simulator, is now available for consoles and PCs, with slight novelties in its game modes and important improvements in the playable section with respect to the deliveries of previous years. It has a good graphic section, in which the players are perfectly recognizable and a very good musical selection for the menus. Comments in Spanish, as usual, are by Manolo Lama, Paco González and Antonio Ruiz. They are at a very good level, they comment correctly on the plays and they take a long time to start becoming repetitive, they have a lot of variety. Those who do not like these commentators have the possibility to select other languages.



The game has several levels of difficulty. The first three are very accessible, perfect for beginners. But it is from the level that comes pre-selected where the games become really interesting, the defenses close the holes better and it is necessary to braid plays to reach the rival goal. The changes that attract the most attention are the new powerful satin pass and the dribbling without the ball, which allows changes of direction without touching the ball to mislead the defender. Both actions give new possibilities of attack, but doing them in bad time will entail the loss of the ball.


To take into account: Although they are the most striking, they are not the only additions. There are many small changes in the gameplay that are not so obvious to the naked eye but that greatly improve the gaming experience.


These developments make this delivery more difficult to make individual moves than in the previous installment, which makes the matches more interesting.


Game modes

Apart from fast matches, tournaments and skill games, three game modes stand out:


- Race Mode: has two different modes. In one we take on the role of the Manager, with multiple management options for the team. Here you can play the games or choose to simulate them. The other modality is that of Player. You can create a 17-year-old soccer player who will progress on the team. In this case you have to play all the matches, either controlling the whole team or just that young player. In both modalities have been added, among other things, preseason tournaments and the possibility of training players. For training, skill games are used.


- FIFA Ultimate Team: this is the star mode of FIFA 16. It follows the same mechanics as in the titles of previous years. It begins with a team of low level players and after winning games and tournaments you get virtual money to buy envelopes with random players, as if it were a collection of cards, to improve the template. The main novelty is the Draft mode, in which for each position in the field and the bench are given to choose a group of high level players at random to quickly organize a team with the aim of playing four games and get good rewards to improve the Ultimate Team template.


- Women's football: The most surprising novelty is the inclusion of 12 national women's teams that can be used in friendly matches or in their own tournament for this category.


To take into account: Women's football is not a simple change of appearance of the players. In the games with these teams, the physical factor predominates less, the rhythm of the game is slower and it is more complicated to complete individual plays, for which a more tactical team game is rewarded.


FIFA 16 has the license of teams and players from multiple leagues and countries. The team templates and the performance and fitness of the players can be updated by connecting to the servers from within the game.



The playable improvements make it worth the purchase for those who like football, but the move to FIFA 16 from the previous games will be especially interesting for those who like to play online, with many different modes and a community of very large players, who usually go from one title to the next every year.


To take into account: To use this mode on PS4, a subscription to Playstation Plus is required and on Microsoft consoles, one of Xbox Live Gold.


All modes can be played cooperatively or competitively if several commands are available without the need of an internet connection.


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