Square-Enix and Koch Media bring a new game for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the fourth installment of one of the most important cyberpunk action and tactics sagas of recent years.


Story and atmosphere

The game is placed two years after the previous installment (Deus Ex: Human Revolution), in 2029, on a planet Earth in which humans have technological enhancements to improve their physical and mental abilities.


To take into account: So that no one gets lost, at the start of the game the game gives the option of watching a 12-minute video that summarizes the history of the previous title.


His science fiction story takes center stage and invites you to take it easy, paying attention to all the details. It is worthwhile to follow not only the main missions, but also the many secondary ones included, which give infinite details about the world in which the action takes place.


Game mechanics

If something works it is better not to change it and that is precisely what has been done in this case. All the virtues of the previous one have been maintained. The game allows us to solve situations that arise in many different ways. Making use of the increases of the protagonist (his skill set) we can choose the path of brute force, by stealth or other distinct. These increases will be acquired little by little, but instead of being prefixed, the player decides what he wants to learn at each moment, so that the character adapts as best as possible to the way he plays.


To take into account: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an atypical game, mixing action, exploration and decisions, in which the first element may have less importance than the others if the player decides. It is possible to complete the game without killing anyone, even the final bosses who can simply be stunned or convinced through conversations.


In addition to new increases, the main novelty is found in the city where a large part of the action is located, instead of being only closed spaces for each mission. It is tiny, it travels relatively fast, but it has a lot of content, many interiors and extensive sewers. I think it's a wise move to do it that way instead of the huge cities empty of content that we're used to lately. As if that were not enough, there are also missions (usually those of the main story) that take place in other special places, smaller, but with a multitude of paths, some of them almost labyrinthine, so that the players do not just go to the point A to point B.


Other details

Such a varied game requires very well thought out controls. In the console version, which is the one I have had the chance to play, there are four configurations available. The first one is the one designed specifically for this game. The second is as similar as possible to the previous title. The third is similar to the other first-person shooter games and is the one I have found most comfortable with. Finally, there is a last one designed to facilitate the investigation and collection of objects. In the case of the PC, besides being able to play with command, it includes a good default configuration for mouse and keyboard.


To take into account: Once the story is complete, as the decisions can completely change the game experience, a new game can be played keeping all the inventory and increases acquired in the previous one.


In addition to the story mode, there are two other game modes. One is called 'Stories of Jensen', with a new adventure and the other is the 'Breach' mode, more focused on puzzles and exploration. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided comes loaded with content for many hours of entertainment.​


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