We are facing the second installment of the Tomb Raider saga since its re-launch by Crystal Dynamics in 2013. This time it has come with a temporary exclusivity for the Xbox consoles that have been available since last November 2015, and can now be enjoyed as well on PC, only three months later. To have it on PS4, we will have to wait until November 2016.


All an adventure

Repeating the formula that made the previous title a success, its gameplay is perfectly balanced between platforms, solving puzzles, combat, exploration, collection and the character progression system. With all this we are faced with an adventure that at certain times takes us by the hand through the story they want to tell us but also offers us wide open areas through which to lose ourselves to explore it, finding challenges, challenges and of course graves. It can be said that a continuist line has been followed regarding the previous installment regarding what we can do with our character, although including new skills with weapons, a linguistic evolution that will allow deciphering inscriptions that we find, as well as the possibility of creating certain objects while Lara moves around the stage.


To take into account: The fights have been removed, giving the possibility to decide if you want to avoid stealthily, attack silently or go directly for all. At the same time, the survival component has been increased by enhancing the evolution of our heroine's capabilities through the resolution of challenges and the possibility of creating objects and improving weapons based on what we gather in the scenarios.


In this new adventure of Lara Croft come back with strength the challenges, puzzles and exploration that has characterized the saga since its inception, including confrontations against our 'friends' wild animals.


In search of eternal youth

This new installment of the adventures of Lara Croft is originated by the desire of the protagonist to clean the name of his father, continuing the latest research he did and discover the truth about the reasons for his death. Therefore he follows in the footsteps of a prophet who concealed the key to eternal youth and who was persecuted by a mysterious organization called "The Trinity". The story is well told, it is easy to follow, it has a good pace and although it may fall on some topics, it is attractive enough to engage the player, with a fast start and a great ending.


To take into account: Almost no references are made to the previous delivery so there will be no problem for those who have not played. In addition, although many of Lara's skills are the same they will have to be obtained and refined throughout the game again, which may seem strange to those who have played the previous title.


We are an adult Lara Croft who will do everything possible to discover the whole truth about the death of her father.


To enjoy with all the senses

In the visual aspect you can not put hardly any problems. With very successful graphics and impressive light effects, the beauty of the scenarios and the life they have make it impressive. Although much of the adventure takes place in snowy landscapes, it includes some desert areas, military installations, ruins and many caves that, although they have variety, can be somewhat repetitive.


To take into account: A great technical effort is appreciated to recreate the real behavior of elements such as snow, water or Lara Croft's own hair. The realism is accentuated with the amount of animations that the protagonist has as a reaction to what happens in each moment, shivering from the cold, hurting from a blow or pushing a branch out of its path.


We are facing a realistic world full of spectacular scenarios that, together with the sound effects and the soundtrack that accompanies it, immerse us perfectly in the adventure.


Article originally published in www.carrefour.es