In the fictitious New Bordeaux a violent battle is being fought for his dominion. The year is 1968 and the city is experiencing moments of turmoil due to racism, prostitution, drugs and the fight between mafias. In this framework we embody a young African-American, former member of the special forces during the Vietnam War, who seeks partners to dominate the city.


A story very well recreated ..

With a spectacular prologue and a remarkable cinematographic character it is clear that the great bet of the game is in the setting and its narrative, with continuous flashbacks and flashforwards presented by the American society at such an important moment in its recent history, in which we are introduced Well built and deep characters. The city is very successful with many details, but it is sometimes too empty and lifeless, which reduces realism to the world that has been built.


To take into account: Secondary missions, collectables and voluntary actions are not as good as the main story quickly starting to repeat themselves and become unoriginal, being seen so many times in games of the style, coming to give us the feeling that we are mere messengers.


Note the detailed work in the setting of the characters, objects, vehicles and socio-political situation, highlighting especially the soundtrack that accompanies it, with songs by great artists of the time, available even on vinyl along with the great collector's edition of the game.


.. of strategy and violence ..

In order to advance in the history and to be able to surpass the missions that appear to us we have at our disposal a very complete game system oriented to stealth that together with the existence of possible ways of resolution allows to plan the strategy in each case. But you can also undertake the missions directly and violently thanks to the multitude of weapons, magnificently represented, and that together with the possible help at the time of targeting will make us enjoy fun shootings. In any of the situations, the controls are very precise and agile, facilitating the action.


To take into account: The game has a great dose of violence, as it could not be otherwise, that together with the social crudity make it a heartbreaking title and above all for an adult audience.


To take control of the city we have to dominate neighborhood by neighborhood by carrying out different missions that weaken the rival leader against our allies, until the direct confrontation with him to snatch it.


.. although with technical problems

This third installment of the series has been developed by a new study, Hangar 13, so this may be the reason for the various technical problems that the product contains. The sudden appearance of objects is usual, especially while driving, which must be added lighting effects and unreal textures that together with the day / night cycle and an erratic climate system make the experience quite confusing.


To take into account: All these technical problems occur in outdoor scenarios, being fairly controlled in the interiors, allowing you to enjoy that great atmosphere that they have created. However, the developers have reported that they will release patches to solve these problems.


The game is weighed down by a badly optimized graphic section for current standards that together with the bad intelligence presented by the enemies makes the title does not meet the expectations that the previous delivery presaged.