Tom Clancy was an American author of police novels with political themes. Ubisoft has developed several games that bear his name. The Rainbow Six saga is based on one of his books. The rest of titles use a plot devised by this author exclusively for them. Those who want to enter one of these worlds can already buy The Division on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


New York

The player will be able to create a character, male or female and with the appearance he wants within the configuration options, but he will be just one more within the real protagonist of the game, the city of New York. Most of the game takes place in the center of the island of Manhattan. The streets and buildings are transferred to the game in a magnificent way. It is one of the best recreations of a city that has been done so far. The action happens in winter, so the streets are snowed, to give it a bit of variety, that not everything is asphalt. It has day and night cycles and, sometimes, the fog goes down or it starts to snow. These combinations together with the lighting of the city result in spectacular views.


To take into account: The action does not take place only on the island. The beginning of the game is located in a small area of Brooklyn, the neighborhood located south of Manhattan.


The city is full of places to explore. You can go down to the subway and the sewers, climb the roofs of multiple buildings and enter some houses and apartments.


The story

During Black Friday (the day that Christmas shopping opens), banknotes infected with a virus were brought into circulation to the majority of the population. The player takes on the role of an agent of The Division, an organization charged with ensuring the continuity of the government. Once you get to Manhattan, you can go around the city with total freedom, there are no barriers that prevent you from exploring it, only the difficulty presented by the confrontations against the enemies, which is greater in some areas than in others. The progression is divided into three types of events:


Encounters: they are small skirmishes in which you have to shoot down a group of enemies.


Secondary missions: they are short tasks. There are several type missions that are repeated with increasing difficulty in different points of the map.


Main missions: in which the main story takes place, longer than the previous ones, with better rewards and that happen in spaces created for the occasion, such as police stations, schools, power stations or emblematic places, such as Madison Square Garden It is a shooting game, with the use of coverages, in the third person (with the camera located behind the character), based on the rise of levels and the obtaining of increasingly powerful skills and equipment, in order to be able to advance little by little. little to more difficult areas.


To take into account: Unlike most post-apocalyptic games, zombies, monsters or the like do not appear here. It has been decided to try to create a world as realistic as possible, in which the enemies are groups of humans, with different personal objectives, in which not all have to be the bad guys in the film.


There is a large amount of secondary information, which is offered to the player by collecting audio recordings, texts and holographic representations of events that occurred when the virus was spread.


Better with friends

The whole story can be completed only without problems, but it is much more fun in groups of up to four people in network. Of course, playing with more people does not facilitate progress, the difficulty is increased the more players there are so that the experience is similar in all cases.


To take into account: In order to play with more people, in the console version, it is necessary to have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.


A part of the map is the Dark Zone, where the competitive game is located. Here, groups of up to four people will meet other players and it will be up to you to collaborate or fight among them to obtain the best rewards. It is a type of competitive game different from that seen in other titles, which creates a very interesting tension to be betrayed at any time by the other players.


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