After the deliveries of Call of Duty: Ghosts (2013) and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (2014), Activision returns with a new game of the saga, in this case the Call of Duty: Black Ops III, developed by Treyarch. This time the action is located in the year 2065, with many game modes, in which the multiplayer stands out, with larger maps than in the previous ones.



The campaign that is included in Black Ops III is one of the most elaborate of the saga, offering a duration of about 10 hours, with a large plot load. Being set in the future, it allows to count on many novelties, from superpowers to new objects, weapons and enemies, such as drones and robots. This game mode is available for one player or in cooperative mode for four companions. When playing between several players and one of them reaches a control point, telepaths are automatically teleported back to that point, so it is convenient to go all together so that nobody loses anything. Once the campaign is over, it can be repeated in different levels of difficulty and against different enemies.


To take into account: The campaign is only available on PC and new generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). It is not included in PS3 or Xbox360, since the ambitious cooperative campaign mode could not be recreated in the consoles of the last generation (according to statements by developers). These two platforms do have the rest of the game modes.


The scenarios in which the action takes place are broader than in previous installments, since they are quite focused on the cooperative.



Several types of game are available that already appeared in previous deliveries, like the duel to death by equipment, demolition domination, etc; the novelty being the safeguard mode, in which a team must protect a robot to prevent the opposing team from knocking it down. As for playability, the great novelty is that propulsion mechanics are added during jumps and parkour, similar to what is seen in other games such as Titanfall. As in previous installments, when leveling up new weapons and equipment are unlocked with which to improve the character.


To take into account: Apart from the advantages for losing streak, the player can select one of the nine specialists available for this mode, each with its own appearance and with unique abilities, such as using an explosive bow, deploying decoys or go back to a position you were in a few seconds ago. These skills are recharged over time and in a game gives time to use them three or four times.


For the multiplayer, which is the star of Call of Duty, the developers have decided to follow the line marked in Black Ops II, which is considered better than other later installments of the series.


Zombies mode

Following the custom that Treyarch started in Call of Duty: World at War, this installment also has a way in which players will face hordes of zombies and new enemies. On this occasion, and unlike the other modes of the game, the action is set in the 40s, in the fictional city of Morg City, with an atmosphere that can be reminiscent of what was seen in Bioshock. Four players will try to survive the confrontation against the zombies, while they open new zones, discover secrets and obtain relics. Each player can customize the weapons and advantages with which they will begin to play, being able to use the gum machines scattered around the map to gain skills at random. This game mode has no control points, so you have to start from the beginning when you eliminate the entire team.


To take into account: Players can transform into a beast for a few seconds, giving the possibility to eliminate enemies easily and allowing them to activate mechanisms to open secret paths or reach inaccessible areas.


The zombie mode of this game is the most complete of all the ones included to date in the Call of Duty.


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