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To give you an approximate value of what it will cost you to develop your project before going into detail, we will ask you a series of general questions:


It is not the same to start a project from scratch than simply change a small thing or add a new part to something existing.

Depending on each case, the effort will be different and the phases that must be done to define the best possible architecture, analyze the existing system or assess a new aspect.

Project type

Each platform has its peculiarities and making everything work as you want requires more effort in some than in others, so you have to indicate which one or which you want us to focus on.

Although it is convenient to start with a single type of project, we prefer that you tell us everything you have planned to evaluate it as a whole.


If we are going to help you carry out your project, it is because you do not have the right person or people to perform certain tasks, which does not mean that you can not do others.

That's why we ask you to indicate in which our collaborators will participate to calculate how many people will be involved.


There are times when you prefer to have an early version of the project to assess its performance while others need to have all the details polished.

As each situation is different indicate if the priority is quality, price or both, to be rigorous about it.

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