At the end of last October Microsoft confirmed when the backward compatibility of its latest console generation with the games of the previous generation would be available without having to depend on the Preview program, so we will try to explain how it works and clarify possible doubts.

How does it work

Thanks to the power of the new console the games of the Xbox 360 will run in a virtual machine, so it will be like doing it in the original console. Compatible games are a small number but that will increase over time. If you have a downloadable copy of a game from the compatible list, it will automatically appear in the Xbox One's game library as "ready-to-install games", so there will be nothing more to install to enjoy them. For those who have it on disk, as long as they appear in the list of compatible, they must be installed first on the Xbox One for the console to do the rest, although the disk will be required to play as well. With the DLC something similar happens because if they were acquired at the time, they will be downloaded automatically without any problem. Another thing is that you want to buy a DLC for an Xbox 360 game, for which it will be necessary to buy from that console.


To take into account: For games that in physical format occupy more than one disc, they are still working on a process that unifies their installation, so they are not yet compatible. As for the kinect games there is no solution and they can not be at any time.


The current list of Xbox 360 games exceeds 120 titles that will be expanded over time.



Advantages of Games with Gold

Recall that the program "Games with Gold" from Microsoft provides its subscribers with several games each month, some for the Xbox One and others for the Xbox 360. Because there is now that backward compatibility between the consoles, the number of games provided this program will be multiplied by two for the owners of the latest generation model of the console, because Microsoft has ensured that all games included here for the Xbox 360 will be compatible for execution on Xbox One, which also ensures that month to month the list of compatible will increase with the titles included here.


To take into account: It is not necessary to be an Xbox live Gold user to enjoy the backward compatibility but it will be necessary, logically, for the online modes. The retrocompativilidad also adds crossed game between Xbox One and 360 so that players can face both one console and the other in the same game, increasing the volume of players available.


Gold users will get more free games every month by having those included for Xbox 360 that will always be compatible with Xbox One.


Other advantages

In addition to all the above, now you will have all the new features of Xbox One such as screen capture, video recording or the possibility of streaming the games. On the other hand saved games will also be available if you have updated the game on the Xbox 360 and has made a backup in the cloud. The funny thing is that there have been cases in which this copy could not be made but "miraculously" they are correctly in Xbox One.


To take into account: This backward compatibility allows access to games published for Xbox 360 in other regions. As long as they appear in the list of compatible titles, you can enjoy games that never came to Spain and were only available in the United States or Japan.


Now all the features and features of the Xbox One are available for games of the previous generation that are compatible.


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