After a few years in which the great war games abandoned the Second World War to represent more current and even future conflicts, DICE takes the players back to the battles of the early twentieth century, in this case to the First World War, which is why he has restarted the Battlefield franchise numbering.


A very varied campaign

The only way for a player who has this delivery is the campaign. This mode has an introduction and five independent stories, which can be played in any order, which take the player to the different scenarios in which the Great War took place, from the trenches in France to the dunes of the Saudi desert. In each of these stories, the role of a different protagonist will be taken, and will serve to present the possibilities that can later be found in the multiplayer mode, with several scenarios centered on foot combat, another focused on the tanks and another focused on air combat.


To take into account: In each of the chapters there are a series of collectables and challenges that promote the replayability of the campaign; since, by completing these extras, the player will be awarded new weapon designs for the multiplayer.


The campaign is not focused on the fight against a main antagonist, but is focused on the struggle for the survival of each of the protagonists of the different chapters.


The strong point is still the multiplayer

As in the previous Battlefield, this delivery stands out for its multiplayer mode. It consists of six types of game, the classic assault, conquest, domination and all against all by teams; and the novelties: Operations and Doves of war. Operations is a mixture of assault and conquest, which develops along several maps, where instead of destroying a pair of targets, the attacking team has to control several points simultaneously. On the other hand, in pigeons of war, the objective is to capture a pigeon that appears on the map, write a message and release it.


To take into account: Apart from the nine maps included in the game, another one will be added for free. Subsequently, through other downloadable paid content, another 16 maps will be added, as well as new game modes and new weapons.


In the PC version the web menu is discarded through Battlelog that had the previous deliveries for the selection and search of servers, opting for a classic menu included in the game. To consult the statistics, it can be done through the game website.


Other news of the multiplayer mode

The classes included in this Battlefield have been modified, disappearing the engineer, whose antitank functions happen to be included in the assault class, while the repair functions fall in the support class. On the other hand, the assault class loses the healing abilities to make way for the new medical class.


To take into account: The great novelty among the infantry classes are the elite classes. The kits of these classes appear in the different maps, and are the sentinel, with armor and a large machine gun; the soldier with flamethrower and fireproof suit, and the tank hunter, with a powerful rifle capable of punching armored vehicles.


When the action was placed at the beginning of the 20th century, horses are included with which to move quickly and with which it can be loaded on the enemies.


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