In recent years, the "zombie phenomenon" has dragged real legions of fans, pending series, movies, books and of course video games, making it really difficult to bring something original to the subject. We're in luck, Dead Rising 4 gets it, let's see it in detail.


A very chop suey approach

It seems that the sign of our time is to mix elements already known that have proven previous acceptance and see if the result is "edible". The mix of a charismatic main character like Frank West, the pulp-filled environment full of common manners (contrasted with a zombie epidemic), a government conspiracy, black humor and bizarre weapons at the level of the inspector gadget combine in a cocktail that gets an experience that justifies the, at least, twenty hours that this game requires.


To take into account: Some players in the Dead Rising saga accuse the developers of this fourth installment of making a remake with modern media, but Capcom has managed to make a balance between the absurd, puzzles and emotion in equal parts ... and it works.


The detail with which the characters have been recreated is impressive, just as the art team has captured the bizarre charm and the "Christmas spirit" in the shopping center and the town, with many adornments and details.


Something more than zombies

From the first moment it is clear that the journalistic facet of the protagonist is going to give juice and developers effectively use it as the guiding thread of an investigation in which thanks to the different modes that we can select when we look through the camera, we collect clues and data as pieces of small puzzles that structure the argument of the campaign, making us integrate into the story instead of simply going through the cinematics until the next scene of action. The tone of the narration oscillates between the serious and the humorous, sometimes giving rise to really hilarious scenes. Another strong point is the relationship between the protagonists and good secondary characters that are more than they seem.


To take into account: The town in question, Williamette, where the action takes place, is transformed into an open area that allows us to go where we want, as in other sandbox games. The iconic shopping center has been added neighborhoods and rural areas completely explorable. Each area has been separated enough so that it is not a walk, requires a small effort either in a stealthy and planned as if it is sweeping corpses mounted on any of the vehicles. The undead horde is always present!


Little Easter eggs are hidden in the streets of Williamette, waiting to create a richer and more fun story and this is not just zombies (although several thousands fell under my explosive hammer!).


There are also zombies!

Of course, they could not miss, the procedure of creating weapons and artifacts is simple given the help of the game to make the story flow and really adds some variety in the combat scenes. Some would say boring, I think they are simple and fun thanks to the maxim that has made great zombie games: "you can use anything, you can do anything". The possibility of playing up to four people online in multiplayer is something that many will find essential once they try it.


To take into account: The countdown that in previous editions forced to pass through the enemies with urgency and little time to "enjoy" the action has been removed.


The soundtrack is specially taken care of to accompany the development of the campaign and create an integral and immersive experience.