Since mid-November we have the new installment of the successful role-playing saga developed by Bethesda. Set in the post-apocalyptic open world of the city of Boston and its surroundings, it has a good history, an improved combat system, an enhanced collection of elements when needed for the construction of settlements, all with a great atmosphere. Put all this we face one of those games to which we can spend hours and hours in which we will always do something interesting if we allow ourselves to be seduced by the depth of what it offers us.



The objective of the game is survival, which can be dealt with first or third person and in different ways. Combat is something that we can not avoid, with an improved system that does not make the use of assistant V.A.T.S. although it helps. All the experience that is achieved allows us to improve the seven main attributes of our character, as well as the possibility of unlocking special abilities within each one.

One of the novelties of the game lies in the possibility of creation of objects and settlement management because it makes us get fully into the role of a survivor. The world is full of objects that we can decompose and use to create what we need or improve other objects. All this we can do in the settlements. In this way it is essential to manage the inventory very well because the weight of what we can transport is limited. These settlements are small towns that we can improve to attract settlers, which will provide us with resources and benefits.


To take into account: It is the delivery that has less weight role and more is approaching a shooter but as it offers a great freedom of decision, in the end we can devote the importance we want to evolution, exploration, management resources or the collection and creation, according to our tastes.


The freedom it offers allows us to play in the way that best suits us, which together with its size and density means that we have all the hours of fun we are willing to dedicate to it.



The post-apocalyptic wasteland we face is huge and very varied, with splendid lighting, very atmospheric elements and a spectacular soundtrack, adapting to the situations of each moment with mastery. Note the city of Boston with all its identifiable zones despite the destruction, on a very realistic scale that especially looks when we have a high view. As for the characters, we must admit that they are not up to par, they do not have expressiveness, their animations are rough, without charisma and their dubbing can be improved, especially in terms of quality.


To take into account: The overall performance is good. The large number of elements in the world seems the cause of excessive division of the scenarios, requiring loading times between each other that makes lose points in terms of immersion in the game.


The atmosphere that surrounds us immerses us fully in the game with the sole objective of surviving in the vast world around us.


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