Star Wars Battlefront is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is the new installment of the most important multiplayer saga of the Star Wars franchise.



It is based on the first trilogy (episodes 4, 5 and 6). Players take on the role of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance in the battles that confront them. The first thing that draws attention is the graphic section. The scenarios and characters are perfectly recreated, both the soldiers on foot and the heroes of the saga. To round off the dive, it has a section of audio very worked. It emphasizes especially the sound of the blasters when firing and the noise of the ships when they fly over the stage. They are the same and unmistakable sounds that we have heard a thousand times while watching the movies. The voices of the characters are dubbed into Spanish, but whoever prefers it can also put them in English.


To take into account: Movies are used, but the game also has original music, composed specifically for the occasion and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It integrates perfectly with the original soundtrack of the saga.


The game has one of the most spectacular technical sections of the current generation of consoles and has worked a lot the atmosphere, down to the smallest detail, so that the player really feel that they are inside the world of Star Wars.



The control is similar to that of other shooting games, but this time it is more accessible to everyone. While it is true that there will be players who dominate the games, as in any competitive game, any player can regularly make fairly competent games. There are two types of cameras, one in the first person and another in the third. The first one offers a better aim with the weapons, while the second allows us to better see the environment that surrounds us. You can change from one to another at any time.


To take into account: Although it is usual to handle soldiers, you can also control vehicles in several game modes, some terrestrial and most aerial, such as the X-Wing or the TIE-Fighter. Its control is simple. Instead of pressing down to raise, up to down and sides to rotate (normal in flight simulators), what is controlled is the sight of the weapon and the ship follows. At first it is a little shocking, but as soon as the player gets used to it, it is much easier to manage and aim.


Also the heroes make an appearance in this title. You can manage three of the Empire (Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Boba Fett) and three of the Rebel Alliance (Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia). Each one has exclusive abilities and weapons.



Star Wars Battlefront is a game mainly multiplayer, with nine different game modes that encompass games from 6 against 6 players to 20 against 20. Depending on the type of game, maps of three different sizes are used, located on the four planets included: Endor (wooded), Hoth (ice cream), Sullust (volcanic) and Tatooine (desert). The modes are quite varied and range from the typical conquer areas or steal the flag to other more interesting, as the assaults of walkers, in which the rebels should try to stop the advance of the AT-AT (Imperial armored transport) or Heroes and Villains, where the 6 characters, supported by a few soldiers, face each other until all the heroes of one side fall. In Fighter Squadron, only vehicles are driven. They are games of 10 against 10 in which you can even handle the Millennium Falcon. To make these games bigger, in addition to those 20 players, there are also other ships controlled by the system. To complete the game, there are several simple modes (no story mode) for one person that can also be played in the company of another, split screen or online.


To take into account: In consoles, to access the multiplayer mode or the cooperative network, you must have an active subscription on PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. In the PC version it is not necessary.


Those who buy the season pass will have access to four large expansions throughout 2016 with new planets, maps and heroes set in the second trilogy and in the next film. It has been announced that new maps will also be released for free, the first of which is the Battle of Jakku, with two maps on a new desert planet and a new game mode.


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