After the success of the mobile game Plants Zombies Vs, EA opted to create a shooting game in this crazy world, which confronts the garden plants with a zombie invasion in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, a couple of years ago. Now we have a new release, available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, placing the action at a point where the zombies have settled and it is the plants that go on the offensive.


Playground battlefield

The great novelty of this game with respect to its predecessor is the Patio. This scenario is the point at which the user accesses when the game starts. Here are the bases of operations of plants and zombies and a central area where both sides face. In each base of operations you can access the different game modes: story mode, competitive multiplayer, cooperative horde mode; as well as select and customize the characters or consult statistics and unlockables. Many of the missions of the story mode are developed in the Patio itself, with two separate campaigns, one for the plants and one for the zombies, each of them counting with a score of missions.


To take into account: The Patio can be explored together with another person, in a local cooperative with a split screen. The local cooperative multiplayer is also present in the horde mode, in addition to being able to be played with characters controlled by the AI or by other players in multiplayer network.


Despite being a game strongly oriented to multiplayer, certain game modes and mini-games are only available for single-player games.


Selectable characters

In the previous game, 4 selectable characters were available for each side. This time six new classes are joined in total, so there will be seven characters available for each of the armies. On the side of the plants, the novelties are Pomelo, Rosa and Mazorca. Grapefruit comes from the future, with a laser beam, the possibility of deploying a protective shield and the ability to transform into a ball to move more quickly. Rosa is a sorceress who can transform enemies into goats, paralyze them in a temporary trap or throw magical thistles. Mazorca shoots its seeds as if it were a machine gun, has a powerful air attack and other attack skills, being a very offensive character. On the other side, the news is Captain Mortacho, Supercerebroz and Zombidito. Captain Mortacho is a pirate with a shot of medium or long distance, the possibility of firing powerful cannon shots and a parrot capable of attacking from a distance like a drone is trarata. Supercerebroz is a superhero with a powerful punch, a distant laser beam and skills like the whirlwind or Superultrabola. Zombidito is a small zombie, with a weapon in each hand and the possibility of calling Z-Mech, a powerful robot in which you can ride to destroy your enemies.


To take into account: Each type of character has different variations and accessories that are obtained through the envelopes that are purchased with the coins obtained in the different game modes.


In an online game it is very difficult to see two equal players, given the large number of combinations available between variations of characters and configurable accessories.


Multiplayer modes

The strong point of the game is undoubtedly its online competitive multiplayer mode. This time it has 12 different maps to play the 6 types of games, with battles of up to 24 players. Between the different types of game is available combat by teams; or its confirmed defeat variant, in which it is necessary to collect the orb left by each enemy when dying to score points. It also has a game focused on controlling areas, Subordination; or bring a bomb to the enemy bases to explode, Gnome Bomb. Another novelty is Absorption of Territories, in which it is necessary to go conquering zones of a map that is increasing its extension.


To take into account: All types of competitive multiplayer games can be played locally, with split screen, except Territory Absorption. The local multiplayer can not be combined with the online game.


The maps are very varied among themselves and allow battles in short and long distances, allowing each type of character to fight differently.


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