The latest installment of the saga most awaited by fans of Japanese RPGs is now on sale. Final Fantasy XV, developed by Square-Enix, is available for PS4 and Xbox One.


Start point

The player takes the role of Prince Noctis who, along with his three best friends, is on his way to his wedding. With this simple plot the game begins. From the first moment you leave almost total freedom to go around the map. It looks like a road movie.


To take into account: The game is divided into two clearly differentiated parts: on the one hand, the main story and, on the other, the exploration of the map to perform secondary missions and discover its multiple hidden secrets. Although the main objective is the first one, this title invites the player to lose himself in his world. It is his decision whether to focus on the first one or to alternate between them.


Instead of opting for a shocking start as other games do, the first bars focus on the relationship between the protagonists, who do not stop talking to each other at all times. Of course, in a short time, the main plot becomes an epic adventure.


Game mechanics

As in any good RPG, the progression is achieved by raising the level and improving the team of the characters. The adventure divides into missions of different types (main history, secondary, hunting, etc.). At any time you can consult the ones that are available and the recommended level to face them.


To take into account: On that occasion, the fight is abandoned in turn from previous deliveries in favor of a real-time, very dynamic system. If you are doing a bit of everything, during the first hours it will seem that the struggles are very simple. It is the way the game has to teach the user how the system works and allow him to get used to it. From the fourth or fifth chapter the thing is quite complicated, and can become a real challenge, especially if we have focused only on the main story.


In such a big world it is important to move fast. For this, the Regalia has been included, a car with which the displacements (semi-automatic, there is no total freedom to move with it) will be much faster. In addition, it allows you to change places instantly to previously visited areas. The other means of transport are the Chocobos, birds that can be mounted as if they were an ostrich.


A transmedia product

This Final Fantasy supposes the fifteenth delivery of the main saga, although it has many other titles, like the recent World of Final Fantasy (PS4 and Vita). It is not necessary to have played any of the above to understand it. It is totally independent of them, both the history and the world in which it develops. As in the other games, the visual section is outstanding, but if one thing had to be highlighted, that would be the music.


To take into account: It is advisable to see other two products, although not essential. Brotherhood is a series available on Youtube with subtitles in Spanish that tells the past of the protagonists (Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Kingsglaive is a film that tells the events that happen in the capital. It is available independently or together with the game in the Deluxe Edition (PS4 and Xbox One).


This Final Fantasy XV is one of the great titles of the year, with a main story that can last between 30 and 40 hours and a huge amount of alternative missions that can extend the game to many more than 100. If you are going to give a game , it is important to consult the PEGI code of the cover that indicates the recommended age to play it. In this case, for over 16 years.


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