The season of video games of soccer and multiplatform game of EA begins with two great novelties: the new and interesting "The way" and the replacement of the Ignite engine by the Frosbite. While Konami this year brings us a PES with great graphic improvements, with special emphasis on the faces of the players. It is also remarkable the improvement of the movements of the players that are much more natural and fluid.


Game modes

Apart from the game modes that were already in FIFA 16: Fifa ultímate team, Race mode, Online multiplayer, Women's football or Match day, we have the great novelty of "The way", a story mode in which we will take the protagonist to triumph over a Premier team. For its part, PES 2017 has the exclusivity of offering the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and AFC Champions League championships. In addition, highlight the MASTER league modes, be a legend and my club.


To take into account: In the PES we can see a great advance in terms of AI allied, the players that we do not handle will offer us both attack and defense aids.


FIFA 17 has 30 international leagues and 650 official teams, a real barbarity. Given this the PES 2017 offers updated templates in real time, which means that players are better or worse depending on their performance outside the game.



One of the great changes of FIFA 17 comes in the launch of the direct free and corners as the new system is to decide where to center the ball through a pointer that appears on the screen. In addition, penalties are now easier to put in when disappearing the bar of colors of previous editions. Regarding the PES, the pace of play is faster than that seen in PES 2016, in addition to giving greater importance to the size and strength of the player when facing each other footballer.


To take into account: Now the pace of the game is slower, so maintaining possession and knowing how to handle it is more important than in any other FIFA. In the PES you have to hide the ball very well if you do not want the opponent to steal the ball. Konami has improved the dribbling system and it is noticeable that the player responds faster to the movement that we indicated.


The dribbling and the movements of players added in this FIFA make known players are much better represented. On the other hand, the new system "first touch" of PES allows to play the first touch more easily.



The incorporation of the Frostbite engine used by EA in franchises such as Battlefield, has been an important graphic change since it gives a setting to the games, which the Ignite engine was not able to offer. In PES 2017, the graphic level of the faces of the players is amazing. The climatic effects are very well represented both graphically and at a playable level, affecting the behavior of the ball.


To take into account: The similarity of the players is much greater compared to the previous editions of both games. In the PES also, the animations of the players have been completely redesigned to avoid fissures between one animation and another.


The F.C Barcelona is the real protagonist of PES 2017 and thanks to its engine Fox Engine all and every one of the details that surround the Barça are faithfully represented.


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