In addition to the official World Rally Championship games that come out year after year, several pilots have had a video game with their name. Although many remember the game of Carlos Sainz and his Toyota Celica for recreational machines of the early 90's, the title did not carry his name because, that year, the pilot changed the team. Those who have had very important games have been Colin McRae and Richard Burns among others. The latter, published in 2004, is considered by many to be the best simulator of the genre. Now it's the turn of Sébastian Loeb, world champion for 9 consecutive years before retiring from that competition.



Despite not having the official license of the world championship, the game has not been short of content. It has eight different rallies: two on asphalt, one in mud, three on the ground and two in snow. Each of them has several stages on several different surfaces. To this we must add five circuits of the Rallycross mode and the climb to the mythical mountain Pikes Peak, of almost 20 km, in its modern asphalt version. The ground version is also available, but not in the base game but as downloadable content. In total the game includes more than 300 km of road.


To take into account: In the section of cars there is also plenty to choose from, 58 models from 16 different manufacturers, which include machines from the Mini Cooper S 64 to the most modern. All of them are perfectly recreated and with a very characteristic control, there are not two cars that are handled the same.


As in any good game of the genre, the role of the co-pilot is essential. Here it is dubbed into Castilian. He speaks very quickly and at first it is hard to find out when he sings several curves in a row. It seems that it could go slower but once you start to use the fastest cars you will find that that speed was essential.


Game modes

There are several options to run:


- Quick mode: the player can configure a race and car from among those available, with no other objective than to compete.


- Career Mode: through a series of tests, the player progresses. Credits are obtained to buy other cars and progress is made in a scoring ranking that gives access to more difficult challenges. It is the most complete game mode and the main place to unlock all cars.


- Loeb Experience: divided into seven sections, Sébastien Loeb tells in several videos how his career has been and then the player must emulate the most important races of the pilot.


- Multiplayer: the game has online tests, to run against other pilots, both in timed stages and Rallycross.


To take into account: There is also a track with two areas in which to test against the clock to practice and test the cars, one on asphalt with cones and another in a quarry.


So that the Carrera mode does not become monotonous, instead of doing a complete rally after another, individual stages of several rallies are combined with tests on Rallycross circuits. In these circuits, sometimes they are races against other five pilots, all at the same time in track and others, tests of ability. Once you have advanced enough in this mode full rally competitions begin to appear, but not at the beginning, so that there is content for all tastes.


Simulation or Arcade?

The game is a simulator. The control of the cars tries to be as realistic as possible and achieves it with very good results. In this type of games, people who are not accustomed usually try to go too fast, thinking that this is what they see in the real competition on television, but if you start slowly, without going to the bottom and braking soon, in a few games you will He takes the trick to control. As you start with slow cars, it is easier to get used to. The truth is that with a configuration of medium difficulty and activated aids, it is quite permissive with errors. Even a rewind option is included for those who wish to use it in case of failure in any curve and thus not having to repeat the entire stage.


To take into account: Although you can play with a camera from behind the car, in simulators it is more advisable to use the camera on the hood or interiors. Of the latter, the game includes two, one on the dashboard and one on the steering wheel. With these cameras you have better reference of the speed and direction of the car, so it is easier to drive, although it might seem otherwise with the naked eye.


The control with control is very well achieved, the cars are handled perfectly, but if you have the chance to play with a steering wheel, whenever possible it should be the chosen option.