Ubisoft surprised a few months ago with the announcement of this open world title in the famous Central European mountains where you can practice adventure sports such as skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and wingsuit, costume-squirrel or whatever you want to call it.


The mountains

The main protagonist of Steep are the mountains of the Alps, represented magnificently and with quite a level of detail which means having a large snowy scene to move freely. In addition, to end up in love with the mountains, as areas are unlocked the so-called stories of the mountain consisting of different challenges in which a voice that represents the mountain itself accompanies us as we travel through chosen places.


To take into account: We can find some problem with the collisions on the stage that will leave us stuck between fences or rocks, but something that is easily solved by restarting the challenge or moving to the general view of the mountain. The rest of the problems are mostly aesthetic, with spontaneous appearance of shadows, changes of textures or accelerated transitions of the day-night cycle.


Feeling like in the mountains was never so easy. The amplitude of the stage allows to enjoy many descents in different environments, all of them very well represented and with a very realistic behavior, especially the snow, the grooves that are left in it and the sounds that accompany it.


The game

The main objective of the game is to take experience to increase the level and to unlock new areas and challenges. This is achieved by performing various tests ranging from traversing a path in the shortest time possible, overcome a specific score doing acrobatics, follow an experienced adventurer or even take the greatest possible mamporro, among others. Another way to get experience is in a free way, with different descents in which maneuvers and risky tricks are performed or new zones are discovered.


To take into account: There is no history mode as other sports games include, or anything that looks like it because you want to give the greatest possible freedom to the player, who at any time can go to the general view of the mountain where to select the challenge to perform immediately to appear at its beginning, without waiting or loading times, although in advanced levels the information that appears here may be excessive.


The different disciplines that can be practiced, both ground and air are easy to handle from the beginning, although they require practice and good reflections for their improvement. After an extensive tutorial where we are taught the main thing, we are ready to descend the slopes or fly over them without problems.


A social adventure

The game has a great social orientation where we can not only see the best results that other players have made in the different challenges, but also allows us to create and play those defined by others, which gives the title an almost infinite depth. In addition, you only need to press a key to group with another player who is nearby, as well as see where friends are at all times in the mountains.


To take into account: It is necessary to be connected at all times to the internet due to that marked social character to be able to see the best scores, the challenges created by other players and the adventurers that populate the mountains.


Participating in certain tests is achieved by unlocking clothes and visual elements with which to personalize our character and thus be able to show off in front of the rest of the players. You can also buy these items in the store using the game currency. Do not stay with the desire to get the deer skier costume !.