Marcus Holloway, described as a terrorist and public danger even without having made any illegal act, decides to join the group of Hacktivists Dedsec, with the purpose of ending the technological control of the mega-corporations that sell the private life of the citizens to the highest bidder , using their own weapon against them.


From the dark and serious ... to the carefree and fun

One of the biggest differences with his first delivery is also one of his greatest successes: fun, then, although the plot they propose for this release has a marked formal tone (because the dilemma presented can occur perfectly in our current society) it is solved in an elegant, friendly and above all ... funny way, presenting us with characters that we will quickly connect with while solving some situations in a forceful, but at the same time comic way.


To take into account: The improvement over the first title is notable with the inclusion of new online modes, such as competitive against other players or cooperative missions.


The change of scenery is also seen in the art present in the video game, both in clothing and in paintings to "tune" our vehicles, weapons and other collectables, giving it a rebellious and hooligan tone very well achieved.


A game mechanic with many possibilities

Our most valuable weapon is also the strong and differentiating point of the Watch Dogs saga and of this game, the Hacking of any electronic system. In this aspect we have many possibilities. We can access the mobile of someone close to us to see their profile and interact with it, change the traffic lights of the city to delay our pursuers, to drive vehicles or our drones by remote control.


To take into account: All these possibilities, together with the broad skill tree with which to improve each one of the aspects of the character, makes the experience highly fun and agile, being able to approach each mission in a unique and different way. For this we must pay attention to everything that surrounds us before taking any false step, since in this game stealth and infiltration prevail over direct action, although we also have at our disposal a handful of weapons and skills for this aspect in case we are more of shooting and asking later.


Each mission is a challenge that can be posed in various ways, from hacking the electronic systems at our disposal using them as a distraction or deadly trap, to confront it in a more direct way.


A different sandbox that knows how to differentiate.

As an open-world video game, we also have to talk about the city of San Francisco, which has replaced Chicago in this release. Ubisoft presents it to us as a happy, carefree city full of things to do and we will even see in it references or parodies of important companies in the videogame industry.


To take into account: In this city there is also room for elements already present in games of this style, such as races of all kinds, pursuits, points of interest such as clothing stores, bars, etc ... or hidden objects to enhance our character. The map as a whole is broad and looks pretty good technically.


The main difference compared to other games of the genre is that one has the feeling of control over the city thanks to our hacking tool, making us believe that the city is ours at all times and that it is at our entire disposal.


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